Request: Very small tutorial for intent/mimeType

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Request: Very small tutorial for intent/mimeType

Postby prodigy7 » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:33 pm

Hi there,

since 2 weeks I've an android powered device and I like it very much!
Now, I want to bring some in my sight usefull things to this os. For this, I've an question which could help me, understanding the whole system better.

How I can assign for some filetypes (=mimeType) an application? I know there are really many applications which do this, but what I'm looking for, is an very poor sample which only implements following:
If filetype xyz (e.g. audio/x-wav) is called, execute me (the sample app) and the called sample app should only display the informations, which they gets (path? file or what ever).

Background: Mail in Android currently doesn't handle the wav-files which is really crappy (see / Now, I build for me already an small application which plays wav files and what I need, is that somehow the content which is attached to the mail is streamed/copied/linked to my application. My starting point was ... 67853.html

Maybe someone also knows some goog sources which sample where I can learn how I can do this?
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