pls guide me i am new to android

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pls guide me i am new to android

Postby jana » Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:40 am

Hi Guys ,

I'm making a login page for my application.
I need to check the login username and password against the database

i have total 4classes
loginform(usname ---------
password -------
login register )
register(it consists of some text and edit fields and also one button(save)
after user enter all fileds ,when he clicks save button ,it will store in database)

i created all the above classes and coded ui part and also databse creation

when user first time means , he will register first and then by checking username and password he will login

but all these fields r in database
how to store them dynamically
and how to retrieve and update and delete the records
pls send the code for this application
my mailid is

thanks and regards
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