Market application, scrolling images

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Market application, scrolling images

Postby Ivan452 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:21 am

Hi guys and girls,

I'm developing and application, and since I'm not very gifted at designing anything I'm going for a simple but effective look.
How I've been looking some applications around the market, and then I realized that Android Market app has something quite interesting that I haven't seen anywhere before.
I'm guessing you all saw it. Its the scrolling images part at the top of the screen (in portrait mode).
I've been searching around the Internet for quite some time now but I was not able to find how to make something like that.

So does anyone have a clue about that?

And one more thing, in Winamp application, with a touch you can move ('minimize') an entire 'window' is that something similar to this? Because it its reacting to the touch and movement on the screen. Bacisaclly you are dragging the window up and down.

Thanx =)
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