Joomla and XMLRPC example

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Joomla and XMLRPC example

Postby keep » Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:45 pm

I made myself a Joomla component, it is a non-public extension. I would like to make an Android client to get my stats on my phone. I can write a Joomla plugin, but how can I get the data to my phone?
I downloaded the Android-XMLRPC library and imported into my eclipse workspace.
I found the file. How can I modify it for Joomla?
In the joomla base plugin's source is:

$services['joomla.searchSite'] = array(
'function' => 'plgXMLRPCJoomlaServices::searchSite',
'docstring' => 'Searches a remote site.',
'signature' => array(array($xmlrpcString, $xmlrpcString, $xmlrpcString))
); ... iew=markup

Can somebody publish some code for me?

Thaks folks
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