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So if you're anything like me you had a really good idea for a app and decided you were up for the challenge of learning android.Unfortunately the resources for learning android are scattered across the web, the gems are hidden and the tutorials that are out there are only one dimensional and easily forgotten the next day. Ive had a hell of a time just getting as far as I have without help and I don't wish the struggle I had upon anyone. So I decided to start a blog with the goal of becoming the one stop shop for all the best android and java resources.

On top of collecting all the best Android resources onto one blog. Ive also decided to enhance the best resources out their already by giving them interactive depth .For example , TheNewBoston probably has the best collection of short Java & Android tutorials available online, but just following along with the tutorial doesn't do much for you. To prove it do a test , write down the names of all the tutorials you watch today and tomorrow evening without looking at anything recreate what you made in those tutorials from scratch. More than likely you're mind draws a blank. So ive started creating what im calling "CHALLENGES" to practice what you've learned in the tutorials without just following along like a mindless zombie. The challenges act as homework and force you to think and when you're forced to think you're ass remembers ...I promise you. Below is a example of the 3 kinds of posts you can expect out of my blog.


CHALLENGE:Java Tutorial 26

RESOURCE LIST: TOP 5 Resources for Learning Java for Android[url] ... -java.html

NEW CHALLENGES & WALKTHROUGHS BEING POSTED DAILY!!! Follow the blog and leave me some suggestions to improve it , I will listen!!

As time goes on it will become more organized, I will condense the challenges & walkthroughs into easy to navigate lists and start putting together a full out learning program for going from non programmer to android guru without ever searching the internet. Complete with the best resources from everywhere all put in a orderly fashion.

SUPPORT THE DREAM AND SHOW SOME LOVE!!!! I dont get payed to do this stuff, so seeing my page views go up or someone leaving me a comment is like my payment. Leave me a comment to keep me motivated if you want to see me keep going.
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