How to Split a PDF to Multiple Files

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How to Split a PDF to Multiple Files

Postby donpeterson47 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:50 am

Since PDF files entered the IT world, a lot of things changed to benefit from them. It makes easy to share information over network and Internet through a paperless media. Business reports, E-mails, invoices, ebooks and even personal documents became influenced by this PDF format because of their compact size, appearance, formatting, and security.

Though, PDF files become more popular, you may also need to deal with some issues while transferring PDF files having large size. What you may need to face due to large size of PDF files?

1. Sharing large sized PDF over network or through emails requires a significant amount of time.
2. If the file is too large, you will not be able to email it as attachment.
3. Chances of the damage of large sized PDF are more than the small size PDF files.
4. If the Internet goes down while you are downloading or uploading PDF file over Internet, then the file may be damaged leading into data loss.

How to resolve issues occurred due to large size of PDF?
To resove the issues that occur due to large size of PDF file, you should split PDF file into smaller PDF files. Sharing small sized PDF files over network and Internet is quite secure and error free, as it takes less time in uploading and downloading. You can split PDF file into various individual PDF files.

How to split a large PDF document into multiple files?
Use third party PDF Splitter to do the job. That would be much easier in few mintues. For instance, Kvisoft pdf splitter is such a tool. With it, you can extract the specified pages from PDF file, you can decide the pages and select ranges that you want the PDF file to be split. Besides, you can also split PDFs by odd/even page number or just split PDFs averagely.

Steps to split PDF document:
1. Download and intall the splitter tool.
2. Add the PDF files that you want to split. The Kvisoft tool supports converting PDF files encrypted by Owner Password directly.
3. Choose the split methods. You can split by severy n pages or extract pages from PDF by ranges.
4. Split the document by clicking Split button and get the smaller files.

As you can see, transferring large size PDF files to smaller ones is easy. Small PDF files are easy to share on the file sharing websites, easy to transfer using email services, and easy to download. Moreover, the chances of PDF damage get reduced if they are small. Want to get benefited from such a big list of benefits, split your PDF now!
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