How to save the HP 364xl ink cartridge

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How to save the HP 364xl ink cartridge

Postby kaikaixinxin » Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:56 am

Printing is needed in business every day. Companies always need to print project files, business information, presentation document or communication documents, and so on. However, buying the HP 364xl Cartridge frequently will cost a great deal of money. One method to control the usage of your HP 364xl ink cartridge is to use them merely when needed.

You can choose the colored ink cartridge or just the black one depending on the type of documents that you will print. You should know that colored HP 364xl costs more than the black ink cartridge. There is another way to reduce the costs for the HP 364xl, which is adjusting the printer settings to grayscale or to print using black ink merely. The colored HP 364xl ink cartridge can last longer if you use this method. So you can keep them and use them in files only that must be printed in color, for example, special documents and important presentations.


There are the steps on how to install the grayscale setting to your printer.
1 Find the printer icon on the taskbar of your computer.
2 Right –click to open the setting windows.
3 Choose the “Printer Settings” on the menu options.
4 Choose “Advanced” from the new window that will appear on your screen.
5 Check the box that says“Grayscale.” or“Black Ink Only”.
6 Save your new settings by choosing “OK”.

All documents you will print in the future will use only the black ink if you take these steps. As a result, all installed colored HP 364xl ink cartridges can be saved.

Refilling HP 364xl

There are many users that refill their empty HP 364xl ink cartridges instead of buying a new one to save money. There are the steps on how to refill your empty HP 364xl ink cartridges if you prefer to the method.
1 Find a big enough place to do the refilling process. To avoid messing up the place ,you can use pieces of used newspapers. And in order to wipe ink spillage you must have a moist cloth.
2 Prepare a syringe that is refilled with ink that you need.
3 Take the HP 364xl ink cartridge upright steadily and a little tilted.
4 Insert the syringe into the opening and refill the chamber gradually until just below the opening. Check the level of the ink through the small window.
5 Use an adhesive tape to seal the hole that you drilled in HP 364xl ink cartridge.
6 Place the newly refilled HP 364xl ink cartridge’s opening facing downwards onto a non-absorbent surface. Place it there for about 15 minutes; it can let the ink be distributed evenly throughout the ink chamber sponge.
7 Fix the refilled HP 364xl ink cartridge back into the printer.
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