Help Needed - Broadcast Reciever

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Help Needed - Broadcast Reciever

Postby deerain » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:09 am

Hi guys I am new to programming android and I currently got an idea for a app but I keep getting stuck.
Basicaly I got a service that I start and invoke methods using intents, I eventually worked out how to do that the stuff online is not that easy to follow.
So this is the problem I also want to send data back from the service to the main app that displays a graph.
I Binded the service but I not sure if thats the best way to go about it. I tried broadcast reciever but I couldn't get it to "findViewById", because its not a activitiy, I also tried launching a new activity from the broadcast reciever but it wouldnt do that either.
So which way should I approch this, I also realise that prob the way to do it is to put the data into a sql database then get the ui to get data from there but I wanted to do one thing at a time to stop my head exploding :).

Hope you guys can help :)


Ok been reading a book and it appears :) I might have missed a "context." before startActivity and so I would be able to fire off a new activity to update the UI. :) will try putting it into practice later :)
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