Fast Transcode Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD to FCP

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Fast Transcode Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD to FCP

Postby katherin » Fri May 03, 2013 10:35 am

“I lately had a Sony NEX-FS700, I truly appreciate its slow motion shooting, and that I tried on the camcorder to shoot several footages. I couldn't wait to import them on FCP for further editing. However, it was end up with that I cannot load the files directly to the FCP for the FCP doesn’t accept the format. I’d prefer to know the reason about it and the way to solve it.”

Well, the reason why FCP doesn’t accept the footages from Sony NEX-FS700 would be that the output format of Sony NEX-FS700 is AVCHD as the supported format of FCP is Apple ProRes MOV. The AVCHD files aren't the same with Apple ProRes MOV files, which results in your failure on editing your footages on FCP.

You can now solve this in an easy way, that's, to make use of iOrgsoft AVCHD Video Converter for Mac to transfer your AVCHD files to FCP!

Take it easy, it’s a simple-to-use converter which allows you to reformat any files to any format, such as, to import AVCHD to iMovie, or MPG to Final Cut Pro.

Now please follow the steps below to have a try on this video converter:

1. Download the AVCHD Video Ripper tools
Here, you should do the preparation as to download the converter and have it installed, also make it run for ready.

2. Load your AVCHD files onto the converter
For the next step, you need to import the AVCHD files by clicking the “Add Files” button. Batch transforming is available.

3. Choose your output format as Apple ProRes
Then, select a compatible format. You might get it done by striking the “Convert to” bar to select “Final Cut Pro”. The Apple ProRes 422 formats in the column are available.

4.Transcode Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD to FCP.
Finally, you may make it begin by clicking the large round orange button around the low-right corner. You'll find your processed files by striking the “Open” button within the low-right corner from the interface.

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