Dom or Sax parser need some expertise help

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Dom or Sax parser need some expertise help

Postby finucas » Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:19 pm

I have created a sax parser to parse a html file, it worked fine but i now have discovered i need more data then i think i can manage to find with the sax parser.

Firstly i have to find where the tag <div id="main_content_course"> begins
but after this node there may be internal div tags, so my problem is i have to find out where this </div> ends
and collect all the data between, including all the tags in-between, with sax parser i can find the start of this tag but
to find out where it ends? i could possibly do a <div> count and basically and try and figure out when it closes but this seems messy, also the accumulator in the sax parser grabs everything but the tags between my <div> and </div> so i have a very unstructured result when passing it to webview to display.

Question: i have no experience with DOM parer and aseen as it seems to store data in a tree structure do you think it will work for my problem?, i.e find where a certain div tag begins and ends and grab everything inbetween.

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