[Tiny-Tut] - Communicating between two emulators

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[Tiny-Tut] - Communicating between two emulators

Postby plusminus » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:06 am

[Tiny-Tut] - Communicating between two emulators
:warning: (could not get this to work :( ) :warning:

first of all, if you want to run a server/service within an emulated system, you must
setup a network redirection (either through "[font=Courier New]adb forward[/font]" or the console's "[font=Courier New]redir add[/font]" commands). consider the following console example:

Code: Select all
redir add tcp:5000:7000

this setups a TCP redirection from your host's [font=Courier New]localhost:5000[/font] to the emulated system's [font=Courier New]localhost:7000[/font]

you can then run a server in the emulated system on emulated [font=Courier New]localhost:7000[/font], and outside clients will be able to access it through host [font=Courier New]localhost:5000[/font]

now, if you start a second emulator and wants it to connect to the service running on the first one. All you need to do is use the [font=Courier New][/font] address, which serves as an alias to your host localhost, so connect the client to [font=Courier New][/font] and you will be all set.

note: yes, it's more a documentation bug than anything else. the [font=Courier New][/font] alias is a feature inherited from QEMU, which isn't even largely documented.

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Postby chengduman » Fri Mar 14, 2008 6:39 am

hi +-

how can i set the ip address for another emulator? is it possible to send a gtalk message from one emulator to another that has installed the same app (intent receiver will react on the same action as the sending emulator)


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