Change every TextView of the Layout

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Change every TextView of the Layout

Postby rafaelpadovezi » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:00 am

I'm having some dificult in one task here and I cant find the answer on google.
I wish to change the font size of every TextView of the layout programmatically.

I want that the user can choose the size of the font of the app, like a zoom.
The problem is that all the zoom examples that I found was for webapp or for images.
I wanna zoom the entire app(or at least a bunch of TextViews).

If the zoom isnt possible I'll be happy if I could change the font size of theese TextView. But there are 100 TextView, so I want something like a style. But i need to change the value of this style at runtime. Something like that. Or at least, an easy access to every TextView inside a layout, because resize each TextView manualy will be dificult and error-risky.

So, I apreciate any help.
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