Calling a web service from Android using complex data type

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Calling a web service from Android using complex data type

Postby moldanna » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:49 pm

Hi guys! I can see you`ve done a great job here ! Maybe you could give some help too! I need to call a .NET C# web service using ksoap2, from Android! The real problem I am facing is that, I have to use a complex data type. ( a class containing one string and one integer).

My Web service returns an object containing some information like:

public Data(string _name, int _yearOfBirth)
Name = _name;
YearOfBirth = _yearOfBirth;

So, how can I call it from Android? I have read your previous posts, but I am facing problems here:

SoapObject Request = new SoapObject(NAMESPACE,METHOD_NAME);

It doesn't work like this... So how can I instantiate, in Android, an object of Data Type and pass it to the web service?

Thank you so much ! I'll be waiting for your replies. . .
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