Best-practise : Listview of given items

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Best-practise : Listview of given items

Postby xoddam » Sat May 22, 2010 2:12 pm


I am now trying different scenarios in my apps to train and learn and now Im stuck.

I have a few best-practise questions for a specific scenario.

- I want a easy application that lists items.
- About 50 items not more
- The Information about the items shall be packed with the application
- No updates on the information needed
- The list is clickable and on the click additional information on the clicked item come

- text
- small Images
- small mp3 files

- filter BY
- sort BY

Application FORBES 50.

Lists the TOP50 most rich women - you have to be able to sort by money they have or alphabetically by name. In addition you have to be able to filter the view by adress - show women from europe for example. The list shows small image, name and $$ they have. On click the item opens and more info come - Image, name, adress, companys, position and a small MP3 with the persons voice.

Ok thats the scenario and now my QUESTIONS:

1. How would you reccomend to SHIP the information as? (Its not much of it - 50 items. TEXT, IMAGES, MP3s)
- SQLite database?
- In XML? - if XML How would you organize it?

2. Can this SORT BY and FILTER BY be done also if no database will be used?

3. Please give me a short idea how would you do this scenario in few sentances..
Because I cannot imagine anything... I mean like, how much java files would you need? How would you organize the info inside a XML? Arrays? How many XMLs? For each item one? How many java files? For each item one?

Any info how you would fight this application could and will be usefull...

When Im finished I post a full tutorial with osurce on it afterwards.

Thank you

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