Acquiring Lock for an Drawable resource

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Acquiring Lock for an Drawable resource

Postby KennetRose » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:22 am

Hi Plusminus,

Thank you so much for your code samples.

I am 70% done . I need to know how I can acquire a Lock or set a Lock for a drawable resource?Do help me the code. If possible try to post a full example.

I move an image from left to right. when I press the center button of the emulator, the image shld stop.When this is done, there should be some points getting displayed on the center of the screen and again on some keypress the image should retrace from left to right. I have done this with threads and the image is shared. I want to provide a lock for this resource to stop if for few seconds.

Hope I am clear with the problem statement.
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Thanx in advance.
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