A Compatible HP 343 Colour Ink (C9363EE) 16ml

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A Compatible HP 343 Colour Ink (C9363EE) 16ml

Postby kaikaixinxin » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:07 am

Our high quality remanufactured HP 343 colour ink cartridges use high-density ink to produce crisp, sharp characters and deliver excellent looking results, page after page. Ideal for business or home users who want top quality, long lasting prints. These inkjet cartridges are manufactured in a state of the art process to insure that these cartridges will print as well as the originals.

HP 343 is considered as one of the best printer ink cartridge produced by HP. There are many people love using this color ink cartridge because it has several important features for the users. It works perfectly with the HP printer in order to produce high quality images and pictures. This ink is considered as the best ink for HP printer. Using this ink is the perfect option for people who want to print high quality images from their HP printers. Here are some of those important features that people can find in this product.

Features of HP 343 Ink Cartridge
a. High quality images

This is the main reason why people use this HP 343 ink cartridge for printing their favorite images or pictures. This ink is able to produce impressive charts and graphics. People are able to get high quality photos with excellent color saturation. The color produced by this ink is very bright and evenly distributed. It means that this ink can be used to produce great pictures with life-like colors.

b. Fade resistance

This ink is also equipped with the exceptional fade resistance system. It means that the pictures are protected from being faded from time to time. This proprietary ink is specially designed for this cartridge in order to provide the best fade resistance feature on the photos, especially when the pictures are printed on the HP premium plus photo paper. The ink inside this cartridge works really well with the photo paper produced by HP.

c. Carefree printing

People should not worry when they use this HP 343 cartridge in their printer. This cartridge is equipped with the alarm systems to let people know that the ink levels are relatively low. When the alarm is turned on, it means that the ink cartridge should be replaced with the new one.

With all of those features, this product should be considered as the best ink cartridge for HP printer. There is no other products that have similar features as this product. People should not worry with the quality of this product. All HP ink cartridges are warranted that they are free from any defects in the materials during the warranty period. People are able to get their product serviced well and free within the warranty period.

This ink cartridge can also be used to print around 330 color pages on the testing period. This feature is very important for today's market. Nowadays, people are looking for the best ink cartridge that can be used to print a lot of pages. There is another benefit of purchasing this product over the other available products in the market. This product is considered as the cheapest available ink cartridge on the market. That is the reason why people love using this ink cartridge in their printer. People are able to get the low priced cartridge with high quality and many features. This ink cartridge is perfect for you who are looking for the best cartridge as a gift for your friends and family members.

Key technology parameters
This ink cartridge consists of 3 different colors, which are magenta, yellow, and cyan. All of those inks are considered as the dye-based inks. This product is much better than any other product because it uses an advanced inkjet head. This head is made of the ultra small ink droplets that can provide superior sharpness and smooth skin tone. That is the reason why many people love using this ink.

This cartridge is also equipped with the popular HP's Vivera Ink Technology. This technology is very important to provide long lasting, satisfying photo prints. If you want to find the best cartridge that can give you the highest quality pictures or images, you should choose this HP 343 ink cartridge. This is a perfect option for people who want to print high quality pictures from their HP printers.
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