Some new details on the Android Market

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Some new details on the Android Market

Postby plusminus » Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:16 pm

Hello Community,

just had a quick talk with Dan Morrill from Google about some details on the Android Market:
[font=Courier New]13:54 muthu[/font] morrildl, when the market launch?
[font=Courier New]13:55 muthu[/font] need to get the app ready.. on time for market
[font=Courier New]13:55 morrildl[/font] With devices
[font=Courier New]13:56 muthu[/font] ok.. so in october
[font=Courier New]13:56 muthu[/font] good, gives us some time to develop
[font=Courier New]13:58 plusminus_[/font] morrildl: 'market' updates the client version when we update the ones on the "market-servers" ?
[font=Courier New]13:58 plusminus_[/font] ... of our apps
[font=Courier New]13:59 plusminus_[/font] so we do not need to consider a kind of self-updating?
[font=Courier New]13:59 muthu[/font] plusminus_, the update is more like reinstall
[font=Courier New]14:01 plusminus_[/font] yeah doesn"t matter in the end
[font=Courier New]14:01 plusminus_[/font] except databases/prefs
[font=Courier New]14:01 muthu[/font] don't think they would wipe data
[font=Courier New]14:07 morrildl[/font] We aren't yet sure whether automatic updates will be used. There are pros and cons and technical considerations that we are working through.

/plusminus for
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