Motorola ramping up Android developers by 7 fold

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Motorola ramping up Android developers by 7 fold

Postby ninor » Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:38 pm

Hello Community,

Some rumors aroused 3 days ago about Motorola upping its Android developer team from 50 people to 350, based on an info of TechCrunch.

Today, BetaNews contacted Motorola to check what they had to comment, and anything but confirming or denying the information, they told that they're committed to Android and excited in working in such a project. Here's the statement Motorola sent to BetaNews:

Motorola is pleased to see the industry enthusiasm and support of the Android operating system. As a pioneer in mobile Linux and a founder of OHA, Motorola believes Android is it promises to be one of the most powerful, flexible and customizable open platforms, enabling truly integrated mobile hardware, software and web experiences. We're excited about the innovation possibilities on Android, and look forward to delivering great products in partnership with Google and the Open Handset Alliance community.

/ninor for

Techcrunch (sunday)
BetaNews (today)
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