MoseyCode - Tagging the Real World

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MoseyCode - Tagging the Real World

Postby plusminus » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:26 pm

Hello Community,

Tom Gibara released the first version of his project, which is called Moseycode, an Android application for 'sharing interactive augmented-reality barcodes'. Version 0.1.0 is an early access release, that is targeted at other Android application developers. The hope is that some developers may want to integrate Moseycode within their application – conversely they may see reasons for Moseycode to be integrated with their applications.
So lets have a look on what is meant with 'interactive augmented-reality barcodes'...
[align=center]More than words (This is no fake!)

So Moseycode uses some advanced image-processing techniques to locate a barcode within the picture your Android Camera-Device provides to the MoseyCode-Library/Application. As seen in the first video, Moseycode fully utilizes the OpenGL capability of the Android Platform, to overlay the realworld-barcode with its encoded representation.The representation my vary from a Map to contact information to full 3D-Objects. The realtime interaction requires rapid detection, accurate registration and reliable decoding of a sufficient amount of binary data.

So guess what this is...
it is the url to encoded in a MoseyCode-Barcode. If you would run MoseyCode and point the camera on this article, MoseyCode it would decode the encoded url and ask you to open this webpage. MoseyCode-Barcodes can be created on Tom Gibaras homepage.

Some more facts on the Barcode technique used:
  • Geometry: 2D, square
  • Color-idependant, decoding dependent only on greyscale contrast.
  • Raw Data Capacity: 96 bits
  • Error Code: 8 Extended Golay Codewords
  • Error Correction: May correct up to 1 bit in 8 (12.5% error rate)

Conclusion: MoseyCode is a highly interesting project that certainly deserves a closer look. In my view it also got good chances in the currently running Android Developers Challenge. The 3D capability is simply amazing and the barcode detection seems robust and is probably fast enough to be used on actual devices.

MoseyCode once again shows the power of the Android Platform. This is the point were i like to say:

[align=center]'Android - Imagination is the limit'[/align]

[Update] Gibrara udpated his MoseyCode-Application to version 0.1.1, fixing some bugs and adding some useful features. (Changelog).

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Re: MoseyCode - Tagging the Real World

Postby lucy24 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:20 am

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