Interview: Dan Morrill about Android and the iPhone

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Interview: Dan Morrill about Android and the iPhone

Postby plusminus » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:02 pm

Hello Community,

I just found an Interview with Dan Morrill about Android and the iPhone. Maybe you are also interested:
Google Android expert Dan Morrill, [you may also know from the Android-IRC-channel], denies any plans to copy the Apple iPhone, deflates the biggest Android myths and explains why web apps won't always cut it on phones.

The first Android phone sounds rather like the iPhone: it's coming in the second half of the year, and it won't be able to cut and paste without outside assistance. APC gets the lowdown from Google developer advocate and Android expert Dan Morrill, who denies any plans to copy Apple, deflates the biggest Android myths and explains why web apps won't always cut it on phones.

APC: Eight months into Android's public life, what have been the major achievements so far and what still needs to get done?

Dan Morrill: We initially announced the operating platform on November 5, and a week later we released what we're calling an early look at the SDK and in a certain sense that was a momentous moment when it was made available for developers to start using. What struck me as the first major milestone was maybe four weeks or so after we first released the SDK, when we'd had over 8000 developers subscribe to our mailing list. That's not Google's largest developer community, but it's one of the largest. It's certainly in the top 5, and this for a platform where devices aren't available yet.

We're in a situation right now where we're focused very strongly on getting the first device out the door and the reason for that is we want to make sure the first device that ends up in consumers' hands basically is a good device. We want to set the bar with it. We don't want to just release the stuff and say "Here's a platform that's capable of this huge list of functionalities" and then the first device doesn't really take advantage of it; that doesn't tell your story well.

So really what we want to do is make sure that the first device is very high quality, is really compelling to users and that is and it has to be the foundation for everything else we do. So right now our engineers are purely focused on that. We've got a few other things that we started doing. We're not in the early stages of organising how the open source release process is going to go, so we're starting to answer some of the administrative details of the product.

APC: So when will that happen?

DM: People always ask this question. We've said...

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