Google Has Even Bigger Plans for Mobile Phones

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Google Has Even Bigger Plans for Mobile Phones

Postby plusminus » Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:42 pm

Hey guys,
I found an article from where they write, that Google is seriously planning to buy some wireless spectrum at ~700Mhz...
So will there be a - Google-Net :?: ...
The Wall Street Journal wrote:Google Has Even Bigger Plans for Mobile Phones
Google Inc. made a big splash last week with its new software for cellphones. But that's far from the limit of the Internet giant's wireless ambitions -- which could include running its own mobile network.

The company is gearing up to make a serious run at buying wireless spectrum, a chunk of the airwaves that can be used to provide mobile phone and Internet services, in a Federal Communications Commission auction in January. Google is prepared to bid on its own without any partners, say people familiar with the matter. It is working out a plan to finance its bid, which could run $4.6 billion or higher, that would rely on its own cash and possibly some borrowed money.
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