Android running on Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

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Android running on Sharp Zaurus SL-C760

Postby plusminus » Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:19 am

Hello Community,

the guys from managed to run Android on a Sharp Zarurus SL-C760, which is a Linux base Mini-Computer with the following stats:
CPU: Intel® XScale™ (PXA255, 400 MHz)
Display: 640 x 480 dots, 3.7", 65,536-color
Speicher: 128 MB flash memory

The work is not yet finished, as touchscreen-input is not yet working and network-connections are not yet posible, but probably will be soon!
:arrow: Read their full article.

Here comes the outline of the process:
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1.Build or download a console image for the SL-C760 from the Angstrom Distribution.

2.Build a patched kernel for Android. I used the android.diff from Benno to patch the linux-rp-2.6.23 kernel of the Angstrom distribution. I had to do some minor tweaks in the patch to apply cleanly: I removed some Goldfish device specific parts. In the kernel configuration enable all Android specific options except the USB gadget and the QEMU / debug options.

3.Flash the console image and the patched kernel onto the device.

4.Extract the contents of the /data and the /system drives from the emulator using Busybox tar. Benno provides a busybox compiled for the emulator here. Make sure you get the device files as well.

5.Extract the ramdisk image of the emulator using gzip and cpio.

6.Build a directory tree of the Andoid software which mimics the emulator layout. Make sure to preserve the file ownerships and permissions from the tar archives.

7.Share this directory over NFS

8.Connect your Zaurus to your host PC either with usbnet or wlan.

9.Mount the NFS share on your Zaurus to /android

10.Copy the /dev/binder to /android/dev/binder. This was necessary because in the emulator the binder device had major number 252 while in the Zaurus it had 253. Make sure that the binder device has the mode 666.

11.Create a small script on your Zaurus as /android/ with the following contents:

export PATH=/sbin:/system/sbin:/system/bin:$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/system/lib
export ANDROID_ROOT=/system
export ANDROID_ASSETS=/system/app
export ANDROID_DATA=/data
export EXTERNAL_STORAGE=/sdcard
export DRM_CONTENT=/data/drm/content

mount -t proc proc /proc
mount -t sysfs sysfs /sys

/system/bin/app_process -Xzygote /system/bin --zygote &
/system/bin/dbus-daemon --system &

12.Create a small script on your Zaurus as /bin/ with the following contents:
umask 000
chroot /android /

13.Execute /bin/ as root on your Zaurus and hope for the best

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