Android Developer Challenge - The Final Countdown

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Android Developer Challenge - The Final Countdown

Postby plusminus » Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:02 am

Hello Community,

the ADC is closing within a few hours from now. Last sweat is dropping to the floor... and many of you probably have already seen this message:
ADC wrote:Thanks for submitting your application for the Android Developer Challenge. Submissions for the first Challenge close on April 14, and winners will be announced some time after that date.

I saw it just minutes ago :roll:.

We hope you enjoyed developing your application, and we wish you good luck in the judging.

We have already seen cool apps that surprise and delight mobile users, built by developers like you. To support you in your efforts, Google has launched the Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million in awards -- no strings attached -- for great mobile apps built on the Android platform.
How It Works

The award money will be distributed equally between two Android Developer Challenges:

* Android Developer Challenge I: We will accept submissions from January 2 through April 14, 2008
* Android Developer Challenge II: This part will launch after the first handsets built on the platform become available in the second half of 2008

In the Android Developer Challenge I, the 50 most promising entries received by April 14 will each receive a $25,000 award to fund further development. Those selected will then be eligible for even greater recognition via ten $275,000 awards and ten $100,000 awards. For more information, please see the ADC Judging Process.

/plusminus for
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