XMLRPC or JSON with Android

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XMLRPC or JSON with Android

Postby alexdemers » Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:46 am


I'm new to the community, looking forward to learn alot about Android and hopefully someday release apps!

I starting writing my application which needs to connect to my web service. I looked for solutions for that either using JSON or XMLRPC but it seems that any of those are what I'm looking for. I tried configuring ksoap2 for my app but I guess I have very basic knowledge of eclipse and all which made me frustrated trying to get the imports working correctly.

I tried using JSON which somewhat worked but my web host is using < PHP 5.3 which doesn't have a second parameter to json_encode for options for it to be forced into an object and not an array.

I tried also android-xmlrpc but I think it's for python only (I may be mistaken here).

So, I need your help guys to guide me in the right way to make my app work with PHP using either JSON or XMLRPC.

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