Want to create a push notification server. Where to start?

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Want to create a push notification server. Where to start?

Postby lgmcben » Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:41 pm


- 7 years of Android development experience
- Most of my experience are in game development (native code/andengine/Unity3D)
- Little experience in networking-related app
- Can work with xml and json just fine

I want to make an app that
- Open a Japanese news article from a certain news site (in WebView)
- I have a translator who will translate the content to English for me
- With just one click, the app can show the English-translated version of an article (I'll need to store the original URLs of the articles AND the translated text on the server, right?)
- The original articles MUST also be viewed in its original form (thus we'll open them in WebView).
- However, the translated text will be shown as text-only. No images. Nothing else. (a fragment of textview should do)
- App can query the server to see if there's any new translated article
- (Optional)The app should be able to send notification to users when anytime I want to. (that is, to notify user when my translator finished his job, making a new article available for users)

I can think of one ugly solution:
1. Post the translated text on Blogger and use blogger api to query the translated text and new articles

My friends recommend me to...
2. Use Google Cloud Messaging (which I may need to pay for cloud server? or Virtual Private Server? I don't know)

Which method do you think is better and why? For solution 2. do you think there'll be too much to learn and take too long to set everything up?

Any advice are welcome on how/what should I start learning. I'm a complete newby to networking field.

Thank you and sorry for the long post and grammatical errors. >_<

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Re: Want to create a push notification server. Where to star

Postby andaries » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:28 pm

I'm search for related topics as well. People told me good things about Tornado webserver, but I'm a complete newby as well, so not sure if it's gonna help in your case. Certainly hope more experienced people could suggest something.
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Re: Want to create a push notification server. Where to star

Postby @naresh » Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:00 am

i think u don't need to create push server .If u r making its own server it takes to much time . In current scenarios y can using App42 back end push server .For more details go to this link http://api.shephertz.com/apis/push_notification.php
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