udp multicast with reverse tethering

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udp multicast with reverse tethering

Postby prolink007 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:54 pm

I have asked this question at the android.stackexchange, but it has not been answered yet and we need an answer soon. So, i am hoping someone here at anddev will be of some assistance.

We are using a wifi network to communicate with other devices running our applications. And we are using UDP multicasting.

However, due to some new restrictions we are no longer allowed to use wifi.

Is there a way to connect all the devices (via USB) to computer(s) (connected to the same local network) and have them all receive and send data with UDP multicasting?

We don't need internet, just the LAN. This is only used for testing purposes.

We have reviewed this post and tried this solution but the udp multicast is not working.
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