Saving Data, which is the best way?

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Saving Data, which is the best way?

Postby Amazonasmann » Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:16 pm

Hello, i am new to Android programming. I am starting to develop my first App.
I have solid Knowledge in Java including SQL Databases as well PHP and mySQL and more...

My Problem is :
The User can add a Meal with the Values ( Name, Kalories, Protein, fat etc.)..
He also can View all existing Meals and choose between them, and show the values..

My Question is :
What is the best way to store/retrieve this data?

The best way would be access to an existing meal database where you can see all existing foods in the world, but unfortunately i dont have such access.
I also thought about writing a PHP script where i could just store it in a mysql database via URL..But i dont know how to retrieve it and use it in Android...

please Help me!
(btw i am german, so have mercy with my english)
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