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Read image links from file

Postby ernesto » Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:36 pm

Hello everybody!

I'm trying to create a gallery with images, which are somewhere on the internet. The exact source can be found in a txt or html file(whatever type is needed). Now I'm trying to get Android to read the txt file, and put the links (could be 0, 1 or 100) into a gallery (as images of course). My problem is now that I don't know how to tell the app that it should read the txt file and then decide how many pictures it could produce in the gallery.


Button A -> "click" -> (check A.txt, read links) -> (5 links found) -> show 5 pictures in the gallery.

In A.txt there could be a dozen pictures of just one, so I can't create a gallery in advance.

How can I implement this feature?

Any help would be appreciated!

greetings from Switzerland!

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