Problems reading from SSL-socket (kSoap, JAX-WS Glassfish)

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Problems reading from SSL-socket (kSoap, JAX-WS Glassfish)

Postby herge » Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:12 pm

Hi everyone, my first post here but iv'e been reading the forum alot before registering, a really nice source for android knowledge!

However I have a problem I just can't seem to solve.

I've built a SSL protected webservice (jax-ws), deployed in glassfish. The WS is consumed using ksoap2 which I have modified using the steps descripred here in the forum. I also added support for SSL to it and made the "accept all cert" trick. So far so good, the SSL connection handshake is estabilshed and when debugging I can see the servers cert in my trustmanager, it all looks good.

The problem arrises when trying to read from inputstream it keeps giving me the following exception Read Error: Failure in SSL library, usually a protocol error

In the Glassfish log I can find the following error

[#|2009-10-05T16:41:43.796+0200|WARNING|sun-appserver2.1|javax.enterprise.system.container.ejb|_ThreadID=16;_ThreadName=httpSSLWorkerThread-7002-0;_RequestID=27fd9214-d961-4cda-b521-737e06385670;|CLIENT CERT authentication error

It seems like Glassfish doesn't like the answer from my kSoap, any ideas why? Maybe there is something in Glassfish that I have to setup but can't really find out what. It works all good when using it with SoapUI and then disabling SSL.

/ Ulf Herge
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