Posting data over HttpConnection

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Posting data over HttpConnection

Postby joemarshalmathew » Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:19 pm

Hi all,
I am trying to create a new application which posts data to a server.The code which i used is

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  1. URL url;
  2. try {
  3.         url = new URL(UPLOAD_URL);
  4.         HttpURLConnection con = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
  5.         con.setDoOutput(true);
  6.         con.connect();
  7.         OutputStream os = con.getOutputStream();
  8.         DataOutputStream daos = new DataOutputStream(os);
  9.         byte[] by = getdata().getBytes();
  10.         daos.write(by);
  11.         daos.flush();
  12.         daos.close();
  13. } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
  14.         Log.e("Test_And", "Error at Data Sending MalformedURLException"+e.getMessage());
  15. } catch (IOException e) {
  16.         Log.e("Test_And", "Error at Data Sending IOException"+e.getMessage());
  17. }
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The problem is that when executing i am gettinag an exception at
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  1. con.setDoOutput(true);
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saying connection already established.
in the documentation for the method
it written like
Sets the flag indicating whether this URLConnection allows output. It cannot be set after the connection is established.

I found this code from this forum but i dont know how it works for others.

I had added the permissions in the manifest file.

Can anyone help me to sort this problem.
The data cannot be sent as parameters along with URL.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby mitutitu » Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:38 am


I can see there is no logical problem in your code. In fact I already used HttpURLConnection method to post data. I've not found such type of error. You can dig a bit deep tp your code to find out what is going on actually or you can post the details of your code or PM me then I can check it.

You may try HTTPPost for posting your data to server.

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