peer to peer downloading application for mobile

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peer to peer downloading application for mobile

Postby ayushmobiles » Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:59 pm

Hi everyone,

This is Ayush from Pune, India.
I want to develop application in Android SDK 2.1 , in which it will allow user to download file from internet to mobile phone peer wise. That means it will download file not only from one website but from more than one website. For example we can take example of torrent , in it also we download file from various sites, so it increases speed of downloading. But in this application I will not use torrent file as input. Instead of this, it will download directly by either by searching the same file on internet, or we have to provide various links from where it should download file.
So can you please suggest some ideas for this?
-Ayush. V.J
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