Online game - feasible?

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Online game - feasible?

Postby mhuggins » Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:21 pm

I'd like to make an online game for the Android, but I first want to make sure it's feasible. It wouldn't be the type of game where data would be sent constantly (i.e.: an online rpg, fps, etc.), but it would essentially be a turn-based board game, only sending/receiving data when a turn is completed.

First of all, is sending data and staying connected to a server for a whole game session something that's feasible on a 3G network (when not connected to wifi)? Second, can anyone recommend any good server-side frameworks to look at? One I know of is OpenFire, but I'd like to do some comparissons to make sure I'm making the best choice for my idea before moving forward.

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