Ningbo JiNa o challenge to win two straight green or as the

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Ningbo JiNa o challenge to win two straight green or as the

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Bangkok JiNa o, 22, a golfer to win enough confidence after the Shanghai women's classic, determined to win a second consecutive Chinese women's tour. Such as obstacle may not be a player in front of her, but ningbo east difficult putting green. In fact, no matter who will win this week all need to deal with these hard and fast, slope and big green.
"The stadium is full of challenges, the green is really too difficult, very fast, slope is quite large. I believe that going to play here, must be better luck." O JiNa said, "you must know which locations you can stop the ball, and then put the ball on that k15 irons You must know how balls on the slope movement."
In fact, since the first set of players end practice, green became the biggest topic this week. Ningbo east and Shanghai Oriental style is different, it is a mountain, not as flat as the Shanghai. For players, of course, the most critical or not, as many predict, you only have a short putts, will you be able to play.
"I don't feel the fun of it." AnHuiJi ShangLin yan said, "on Monday, when I came here, hear the players have been talking about green, said green here very fast, very hard. I play here a few years ago, I don't remember the green is so difficult. I found really end after yesterday, in the green very collapse. Everyone is saying, a little faster if green, again a little bit hard, don't play. There are several holes, we are all in the imagination the referee will be where tping g20 ironshe pole."
Chinese women's tour the director Feng Li source admitted that ningbo Oriental green is hard, this is not the referee can control, because the stadium itself is like that. They can do is will the green speed down, for imizuno jpx 800 ironsn less than 10. As for players when it comes to a few quite difficult green, he jomizuno mp 59 ironsked, the referee will close your eyes and let the ball to determine where the pole.
But all the players said since everyone is facing the same 18 green, race conditions, we also have no good arguments. "Yestermizuno mp 69 ironsday I already end tried, today I also want to play professional/amateur pair, I will remember more carefully in the code for this, points out what should I put the ball in position, which location can be safer." JiNa o said, "I am very confident now. Now that I have won the first game of the year, now I want to strive for two straight wins, I will repeat the performance of the week. This year my goal is ranked first in the history of Chinese women's tour, king win the prize."
JiNa o last week in the final group and strive for the champion in the same group to two Chinese girls Shi Yuting LiuYu thmizuno mp 68 ironsis week and will also be playing. LiuYu JiNa o believe that luck is not so good, can win the two stations. And Shi Yuting also stays in China for the trophy.
Obviously, the Chinese army to win not just one of two amateur players. Professional players will rise to just have hope. ShangLin colourful and Yang Taoli in Shanghai took the fourth place and tied for fifth place, ||is China's professional performance in two of the best. ShangLin colour||ful satisfied with his performance last week. "Because of a little family things, I haven't practice for a winter, I just before the tournament started, participate in the Olympic team training, I practi||ced for three games. I am satisfied with last week's performance. I was in Shanghai's friends said I played very well. In fact, I think the result is better than I expected, I will give myself 90." AnHuiJi golfers ShangLin yan said, "many people think I am a better person. But from the deep heart, I feel tried, will not regret it. If you want to set a goal for yourself, it would be too tired. I want to have simpler, happier, this is my idea of participating in this week."
Unlike ShangLin yan happy with last week's performance, Yang Taoli doesn't accept their own achievements, she only play 60 minutes for yourself. "In the last ||two rounds, I appear serious mistakes. Maybe it's because I have a long time no play leading group, so can't find the feeling, the rod some disorder." SiChuanDui captain said, "cut this two days I will focus on training, green is hard, here in the end is likely to be better than push rod. I have to make good strategy, I try to well implement right now."
Ningbo women's challenge is the third leg of Chinese women's tour, on April 4 to 6, held in ningbo Orient golf club, this site also has world integration, the number reached 107 people, from China, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, South Korea, brunei and other countries or regions.
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