Local Search + Customized Web Search using QSB

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Local Search + Customized Web Search using QSB

Postby guruzen » Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:32 am

Hi All,

I am writing an application which requires searching the local database for results as well as in the webserver where i push the keyword to get responses and put them as results.

Here i am extending a content provider to search from the local database. These details i have entered in the Manifest.xml and have given the reference to searchable.xml in the meta-data section.

Now, if i to query from my webserver for results, i am planing to have a new content provider whose query() method does the job of connecting to webserver and parsing the responses. However, in searchable.xml, i can give only one "SuggestSearchAuthority" in searchable.xml that gets mapped to only one Provider (ie. the one for local db search).

How can i tell the framework that i have two content providers for my applciation that respond to queries entered in Quick Search Bar.

If any one can provide me suggestions on this, it will be great.

Thanks in advance
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