Is it possible to install APEX on an Android machine?

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Is it possible to install APEX on an Android machine?

Postby ellis123 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:20 pm

As part of a larger project, we want to create an APEX application that will be used on a Tablet PC. We're still finding out which tablet PC we are going to use, it could be a Windows Tablet, but chances for a Android tablet are bigger.

We have already a database and an APEX application running for a desktop application. The application for the tablet has to use the same database. But the tablet will be used outside, and network coverage is not guaranteed every ware. So its possible the APEX application and the database cannot be used when they have to. So we investigate the solution of a local database on the mobile device. Than the data should be synchronized when leaving or arriving on the office.

If it is a Windows device, its possible to install APEX and an Oracle database (XE). Is it also possible for a Android device to install APEX on it and Oracle XE, so it is possible to run an APEX application stand-alone on the device? Does anyone has experience with this?

We're using APEX 4.0.2 and Oracle 11g
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