Intermediate server Problem

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Intermediate server Problem

Postby pratik goswami » Mon Sep 29, 2008 7:05 am


I m developing an android application to uploads photos to picasa web
album and i have to develop intermediate server to handle all request-
response between picasa web album server and my mobile client.

I have made three servlets on intermediate server side Login, Album
and Photos. Login for Authentication, Albums for add,delete,update
albums and Photos for add, delete photos.

Now once i send username-password from mobile client to intermediate
server that time it first calls login servlet and set service object
and username in session if authentication is successful and sending
appropriate msg to client. Now client will again send album list
entries on Album servlet page. Now problem comes here....I want to use
username and that service object those i have set earlier in session
at login time. But scope of the session remains in for that particular
web application only (If i m not wrong).

Once response send back to client session will be break or not? if i m
sending a new request - say for retrieving album entries that time
will i be able to use that session that i have earlies set?

Please i need suggestions from u guys to create this application.
Thanks in advance. [font=Verdana] [/font] :? :? :? :? :?
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