How to play blu-ray discs or movies on Acer laptop?

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How to play blu-ray discs or movies on Acer laptop?

Postby stevenjoen » Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:21 pm

Do you want to enjoy Blu-ray discs or ISO Files with your Acer laptop? Do you want to play such Blu-ray movies with outstanding sound/picture quality on your Acer laptop? Follow this article, you will get the best way for playing/watch Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray ISO Files on Acer laptop.

In order to watch Blu-ray discs or BD ISO on Acer laptop, you must have three things: 1) a Blu-ray disc drive, 2) a Blu-ray movie, and 3) Blu-ray Player Software(Need decrypting Blu-ray function). For Blu-ray drive, some new Acer laptops have built-in Blu-ray Drive, so it is great, you are free to think about this, for others, you need choose a blu-ray drive, i think Samsung SE-506BB External Slim Blu-ray Drive is a good choice, which is very compact and lightweight. and The drive is very quiet — can’t even hear it with blu-ray video playing. The size and weight is such that I can easily put this into a Acer laptop bag and take it on the road with me.

It is this third one – software – that causes the majority of problems for Blu-ray users. The free player like Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc don’t have Blu-ray decrypting function and not support playing Blu-ray movies. So this Blu-ray Player for Acer laptop from UFUSoft will be the best solution for you, which is one easy-to-use player software for windows 8/7/Vista/XP PC, laptop or HTPC, can help users enjoy any Blu-ray movie (Retail BD disc included) released in different regions and dates with outstanding and perfect video quality at home, it can not only play Blu-ray Disc, but also support Blu-ray folder and ISO image files. UFUSoft Blu-ray Player is also capable of playing popular video files. Users can enjoy videos in HD video, AVCHD video, MTS, M2TS, MXF, TS, TRP, MKV, MPEG, FLV, WMV, and MP4, etc formats.

Follow the following steps to Play Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray ISO movie and media file on Acer laptop:

Step 1: Connect the Blu-ray driver to your Acer laptop via a USB connection. The USB of the driver should be above 2.0.

Step 2: Free Download the Acer laptop Blu-ray Disc/Blu-ray ISO Player and then install it.

Step 3: Insert your Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray driver. Next, open your Blu-ray movie by just pressing the “Open Disc” in the main interface to select Blu-ray drive and then click “OK” button to load the Blu-ray directly. You can now enjoy your Blu-ray movies on Acer laptop.


Another option is to load Blu-ray folder, you can click “Open File” button to directly select the Blu-ray folder and click “OK” button, now you can watch the Blu-ray movie on Acer laptop.


Step 4: Stop the playing the Blu-ray movie on Acer laptop. If you want to stop playing the Blu-ray disc, you only need click Stop Button and eject the Blu-ray movie.


1. When you want to play the Blu-ray ISO image file, you need to load Blu-ray ISO image file to the virtual drive firstly, the open method is the same with loading Blu-ray disc.

2. While the video is playing, click the “Snapshot” button to take a picture from a video. Click Open Snapshot Folder to find the captured picture. You can choose the snapshot format and the snapshot folder in the Preference window. And also you can choose the image format like JPEG, PNG, BMP.

3. When playing Blu-ray disc, you are allowed to choose the specific title/chapter in the “Controls > Title/Chapter” column to play.

Hope this way could help you have no problem to enjoy Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray ISO files on Acer laptop, more info please enter: Play Blu-ray disc/Blu-ray ISO on Acer laptop.

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Re: How to play blu-ray discs or movies on Acer laptop?

Postby omehffa » Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:55 am

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