Help! Proxy pro needed. SOCKS proxy to access all ports.

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Help! Proxy pro needed. SOCKS proxy to access all ports.

Postby g1usernow » Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:16 pm


I'm not a dev so code information found here ... Proxy.html makes no sense to me. I'm hoping you can help out with an idea I have.

Problem: Many people don't want to pay 25 or 35 dollars for web access from T-Mobile. Some people are currently employing the "T-Zones Hack" whereby they setup the device to get a connection through T-Mobile's WAP proxy for only $5.99. This is okay for web browsing, but most other ports are closed (with the exception of 25/110/143/995). Things like Google Maps, Android Market and other apps are unable to access the web using this method.

Idea: I have a SOCKS5 proxy server running on my home server, but I need a way to tell my G1 to send all data requests out of port 110 (according to port 110 should be open in T-Mobiles WAP proxy, I will then tell my router to map incoming requests on port 110 to port 1080 on the machine that hosts the SOCKS proxy server). That link I posted above talks about ways of defining direct, http and socks proxy information in Android - can you make sense of it? Is it possible to create an app that lets a user define socks proxy addresses and ports, or at the very least can you tell me how to type commands through the ADB interface to set this up? This would be greatly appreciated! If it works it will allow people to have full unfettered net access for only $5.99 per month. I would imagine many people would make a one time donation of $20.00 for the time someone invested in creating an app like this!

Please let me know your thoughts.
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