Help for Send intent( Action:android.intent.action.SEND)

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Help for Send intent( Action:android.intent.action.SEND)

Postby jagtap.jj1 » Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:21 am


I am using OI NotePad of openintents .
When I click on send it gives message "No application available for sending" ; Will anybody clear me what it mean;
Is it the case it require other application to send note.(I am testing on emulator). How to use this action(send action)
for this application. Is it the case that this send action not possible with emulator. If anybody have suggestions guide me.
There is no any sample application to handle the send intent( Action:
android.intent.action.SEND).Or email client application for sending note which will work with emulator.If anybody know forward me.

And one more thing
I have tested application of sms sending between two emulator instances.
Is it possible with OI NotePad to send note to another emulator instance.

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