Getting Confused for doing a database functionality.

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Getting Confused for doing a database functionality.

Postby coolalok » Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:12 pm

Hi guys,

I have a database with 5 tables in it.There is a core layer which communicates with the database and fetches the results and stores them in memory temporarily.
Now my UI layer wishes to display the data retrieved by core layer in the UI.
What i want to have ideally is to create an object of the core class and call the DB operations whenever i want.The class which creates this core object does not extend activity , but from examples i see , i need to pass the activity as a context parameter to SQLiteOpenHelper.What context shd i pass in that case ? There is also some concept of AsyncTask in Android but i havent yet chkd how to use it.. Please help me on this one.. Thanks..Alok.
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