emulator port forward limitation (redir add)

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emulator port forward limitation (redir add)

Postby drakethegreat » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:49 pm

I'm attempting to send a request via a client to my android emulator that is acting as a server to receive data pushes so to speak.

This works fine on my physical dev phone but it seems that the emulator is limited (intentionally?). I'm hoping for a work around. The problem is that when you set up a redirect via the emulator console (telnet localhost <port>) it only binds it to the localhost adapter.

For instance on "adb shell" I see the following from netstat:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN

So it's bound to every interface on the emulator device on that 5555 port which means running "redir add tcp:5555:5555" will setup a redirect. Now in my host system when I run the netstat program the output is identical except instead of* I get:

tcp 0* LISTEN

So as one would expect this means I can access the server via the host machine but not any external machines (unfortunately the client can't really be "moved" to my host machine). Kind of a disappointing limitation from Google's end. I don't know why they bind it to only the localhost but that's obviously the problem.

I'm hoping someone might know a way to get around this limitation. I'm on windows so maybe there is a way to forward that binding to another interface besides the local net.
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