Communication between WiFi Manager and WiFi driver

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Communication between WiFi Manager and WiFi driver

Postby jith911 » Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:10 pm

I see that in the settings that there is a Wifi Manager. But how can I make this wifi manager talk to a custom wifi driver [other than the TI wifi driver]. Basically I would like to know what is the interface between Wifi manager and wifi linux driver. Could someone kindly explain how these two entities communicate??

In Linux, wpa_supplicant uses WEXT interface to communicate with the custom drivers. Since there is wpa_supplicant coming along with the Android. I assumed that the Wifi manager talks to supplicant which inturn issues ioctl's to the wifi driver for communication. So I built supplicant with WEXT option, but was not able to use Wifi manager.

Could someone tell me how can I hook my driver to the WiFi manager..

Thanks in Advance..
>> JJ
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