Client-Server TCP Connection Problem

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Client-Server TCP Connection Problem

Postby cjami » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:40 am


I have a client application that works fine in both 1.1 phones and
emulators. However, after updating to 1.5 my application fails to
establish a TCP connection to a server on the LAN. No exception is
thrown and the login attempt does not even timeout for some reason. I
can get a response from the server using adb shell 's ping command. I
have also noticed two new lines pop up in logcat during my client-side
login procedure:

I/InetAddress( 368): gethostbyaddr: getnameinfo: = //My server's local ip
I/InetAddress( 368): gethostbyaddr: getnameinfo: =

I am using Apache Mina 1.1.7's core networking library. Are there any
changes from 1.1 to 1.5 that may have such an effect?


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