China Women's Tour 2012 season presents a few new and old pl

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China Women's Tour 2012 season presents a few new and old pl

Postby gall » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:32 am

China Women's Tour 2012 season presents a few new and old players with each other Zhenghui situation. On one hand, the emergence of the young generation of players Feng Simin, Linxi Yu, age of the championship again and again to push down; the other hand, to in Lu Yuexia TAI baby - Panga (Rungthiwa, Pangjan), Yang Hongmei veterans do not abandon, do not give up, to continue on the tour glowed. This makes this week's "Chengtou Ann City Cup the title situation of Chongqing Challenge is quite mysterious, elusive: Who will come out on top in the encallaway x22 tour ironsd Sunday, captured the crown?

The start of the Chinese women's tour this year was a bit unexpected, the Lu Yuexia and TAI baby - Panga two seventy after players won Beijing Challenge and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Oriental Classic. But in the past two races, champion to fall into the hands of the players after ninety two. 17-year-old Beijing girl Feng Simin win Wuhcallaway diablo edge ironsan Oriental Challenge, the 16-year-old Guangzhou girl Linxi Yu age record further down, to become the youngest champion in the Tour in the coastal Fortune Plaza Tianjin Challenge.

Just as people's eyes from the older players to the body of the young players, in Changde, Hunan, Sichuan veteran Yang Hongmei sprung win a local race, so she has once again become the favorites of the Chinese women's Tour. Many people are so optimistic about her this week "the Chengtou Hyder taylormade r11 ironsCup the" Chongqing Challenge, especially the hometown of Yang Hongmei Florida from Chongqing, it was only a two-hour drive away.

"Over the years, I've always wanted to win one staylormade burner 2.0 ironstop bonus game, and I'm glad I did it from the last championship has three, four years, during which I had the opportunity this time I finally caught." In The five-hole playoff to win the Yang Hongmei said, "The reason I did not give up so many years, because I love this sport, and love of the sport which is my work and I am glad my persistence eventually paid off."

On the the pavilions situation of old and new players otaylormade rbz ironsn the women's tour, Yang Hongmei admitted thtaylormade tour preferred mb ironsat new people will come up is a good thing. "This is sports inevtaylormade burner superlaunch ironsitable, youtaylormade r9 irons can not become evergreens fomizuno jpx 800 ironsrever, one day new people will come out and I think this is a good sign, themizuno mp 69 irons development of China Golf (microblogging) for so many years, if the children also can not hit That is a bad thing. "Yang Hongmei said," Personally, I do not what to change because they win, I'm always in training, waiting for the arrival of the opportunities and when the opportunity comes, I want to seize. "

"The Chengtou Ann City Cup Chongqing Challenge Chinese women's tournament for the first time to the mountain city of Chongqing organized by the Cmizuno mp 68 ironshongqing Urban Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. is title sponsor. Chongqing Urban Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. is a famous Chinese urban construction investment Group, Chongqing municipal infrastructure leading entermizuno mp 53 ironsprises, total assets amounted to one hundred billion yuan. Hyder Property Insurance Co., Ltd. is sponsored by the Chongqing Urban Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chongqing, southwest China's first Chinese-funded property insurance companies, key state-owned enterprises in Chongqing city.

This week a total of 68 players from the domestic and international, for some reason, Feng Simin, and the Linxi Yu failed to contest. However, among the younger generation of players, there are still many strong players, including: Liu Yu (microblogging), Zhang Weiwei (microblogging) and Shi Yu Ting (microblogging). Among them, 14-year-old girl, Shi Yu Ting special attention, because the in Hyundai Motor • Women's Open last year, she won the fourth place among the Chinese players performance after Feng Shanshan (microblogging). Many people assert: If today who can break the the Linxi Yu champion age record, that person must Shi Yu Ting.

Too many games and did not participate in the professional game this year, Shi Yu Ting in the amateur arena as impressive. Some time ago, she won consecutive two station amateur competition, including 6 victory on a foreign-oriented players Amateur Open. "I have no ranking demanding requirements." Shi Yuting when it comes to breaking the record of Linxi Yu's said, "the strength of these big sister like Yang Hongmei, Pan Yanhong (microblogging) is still very strong, to win in the professional arena is not easy matter, however, if I extraordinary play, perhaps I have the opportunity. "

Of course, no matter who wants|| to fight for the championship, she must first defeat Chongqing Poly Golf Club South Course. Because while ago, Chongqing has been rain, the golf course is currently marshy, plus a mountain golf course, different from the plains of|| the stadium on the downhill of the ball, and therefore the overwhelming majority part of the players is not a small tests. But Yang Hongmei think is not a big problem. Mainly wet, which makes less than 6100 yards golf course to play up feeling like 6300,6400 yard course some 350 yards of the hole, your first rod after the kick, left in 150 yards. "Said Yang Hongmei, "So this stadium fight is not so easy."
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