Android-ready Perst 3.0 embedded database is released

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Android-ready Perst 3.0 embedded database is released

Postby tedk » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:45 pm

McObject has released Perst 3.0, a major upgrade of its Android-ready, all-Java open source, object-oriented embedded database system. Developers working with the new release will benefit from new, highly efficient full-text indexing and searching within Perst databases, as well as enhanced documentation via a new 38-page Introduction and Tutorial, with ample code illustrations.

Perst’s built-in full-text search improves on the database’s earlier integration with the open source Apache Lucene information retrieval library. By making full-text search a native Perst feature, the embedded database gains greater efficiency compared to the earlier approach, and a smaller footprint (the Lucene .jar file is several hundred kilobytes in size, while including search capability in Perst adds just a few kilobytes).

Perst’s new full-text search feature uses a standard b-tree to store an inverse index of keywords, with parsing and stemming of indexed text performed either by user-defined code or by Perst’s default simple parser and stemmer. Logical operators are supported. For documents matching a query, Perst calculates the relevance of the document to the query.

Perst 3.0 marks improvements in the embedded database’s documentation. McObject has added a concise new 38-page Tutorial and Introduction that guides users through Perst’s features and design principles, using both explanation and code examples. Sections range from the basics – such as creating, opening and storing objects in a database – to advanced topics including schema evolution and database replication. Download the new Tutorial and Introduction at

McObject offers the Android-ready Perst, as well as TestIndex, a demo application showing Perst and Android’s bundled SQLite database performing the same tasks side by side. Both are available as free downloads, with complete source code, from

With Perst, users of Android-based phones will benefit from responsive, richly-featured embedded software made possible by a database system that delivers high performance and a small footprint, and by the efficiency that results from true Java developer-oriented features.

Perst stores data directly in Java objects. This eliminates the need for data-packing or unpacking code to map between the application's data model and the database's data model, as is required by relational and object-relational databases. The Perst API is flexible, easy-to-use and very fast compared to alternative commercial Java OODBMSs.

For more information, visit McObject's Web site at or contact Ted Kenney at
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