After making some decent headway in the past few weeks, R

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After making some decent headway in the past few weeks, R

Postby Ever47 » Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:36 am

are tied to the story. Back again are teenage runaway Sophie and Benji, the mysterious stranger who took her in. Linking them to the main plot is the revelation that Benji has received a visit from the Truth Terrroist, or No One as has refers to him as, with the gift of a rather fine samurai sword. A questionable gift for someone who has been neglecting to take their schizophrenia medication.These characters and storyline have been lifted almost scene for scene from original The Bridge but they are being done really well. Mia Goth makes Sophie into a much more likeable character this week, one who we are beginning to genuinely fear for with her close proximity to a man who appears to be one of our Truth Terrorist’s disciples. Paul Ready should also be commended for his performance as Benji. His confused state that is seemingly being taken advantage of by TT provides us with another character within this show that we can’t simply classify as black or white.Also beginning to really take shape this week was the persona of the Truth Terrorist himself. Benji’s admission that he had just been paid a visit in person by TT/No One brought the character out of the murky shadows for the first time. Previously we’d only thought of TT as a balaclava-wearing vigilante with a scary voice changer, so the idea of him sitting down to tea with Benji immediately gives us a different image.

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