Access to a Windows shared file from android App

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Access to a Windows shared file from android App

Postby emaborsa » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:25 pm

i need to access to a shared Windows file
This is the path of the file (database):

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  1. \\\hotelxp\db\2012xp.mdb
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I read on the web that android needs samba in order to be able to connect to windows shared files. When i use i wasn't able to get the file; otherwise using jCISF library and SmbFile class i was.
Unfortunately the Jackcess library doesn't support SmbFiles...

A possible solution were to root the phone, but it woudln't be a acceptable solution.

Recently i tryied to edit the source code of Jackcess, in order to use the SmbFiles, but i wasn't able, since the library uses and i can't get it from the jCisf library

Any helps/hints?
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