What video formats does Surface Windows RT play?

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What video formats does Surface Windows RT play?

Postby jacknjchn » Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:45 am


What video formats does Windows Surface RT play? Do you want to know? I believe it is yes. From googling, I found many users asked the question. For example, "I am trying to decide if I want to buy Surface RT or iPad 4. So far I am learning toward Surface RT but from what I can gather from searching on the web from Surface RT reviews, I heard it can only play a few formats. Can someone with Surface RT verify this and tell me the definite supported files formats by Surface RT to help me make up my mind."

After testing, I am very glad to tell Surface RT supported formats to all users or friends who are getting to one. Thus, you will know what fies can you get to RT for watching. Please view the below contents.

Surpported Video:

Formats: MOV, WMV, AVI, M4V, MP4, MTS

Codecs: H.264, H.263, Motion JPEG, MPEG-4(Part 2), VC-1, WMV 3(WMV 9), XviD, DivX

Compstible Audio:


Codecs: AAC, Dolby Digital, MP3, WMA, MPEG-1 Layer I, Layer II, MPEG-2, ULAW, PCM, ADPCM

From the above formats, we can easily know Surface RT plays many video formats well, like MP4, MOV, M4V, etc, but frustratingly, the other files like MKV, VOB, MPG, TiVo, FLV, etc are not compatible with Surface RT. So, if you have many movies in these unsopported formats, how to add them to Windows RT for smooth playback? Below we will tell you an easy way with 3 steps.


STEP 1: Go to install the Video Converter for Surface RT and launch it to add your video files to it.

Tip: With this video program, you can convert and compress any video to Surface RT friendly format with the preset profile.

STEP 2: Click the Format bar and select Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4) as export format.

STEP 3: Hit the Convert button to start the conversion.

When the conversion ends, click the Open button in the main interface and locate the output files. Now, you can transfer videos on Microsoft Surface RT for enjoyment.

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