The 15th hole four hole this week is set to 379 yards

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The 15th hole four hole this week is set to 379 yards

Postby gall » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:36 am

Town voted • An Prucallaway razr x ironsdential Cup "Chongqing challenge tournamencallaway x24 ironst held in venues in Chongqing Poly Golf (microblogging) Club South Stadium the 15th hole, four-hole as Chinese women's tour match referee long Pingli Yuan (microblogging) predicted that attracted a lot of competition players Note that many people reflect this is their first time to see such a hole.

The 15th hole, four hole this week is set to 379 yards, and its peculiar is that the center of the fairway prescribe water, which limits the players first rod distance. The plcallaway x22 ironsayer must hit within 180 yards, in order to avoid the water. But leave the distance means you attack the green from 220 yards away.

"I think only a few Thai golfers, as well as Pan Yanhong two greens." The Chongqing local players high Yongdong (microblogging) said, "callaway x22 tour ironsI am the one in the distance players, I think I will be placed two greens before, and then all of a push. flcallaway diablo edge ironsagpole inserted in front of the green is still relatively easy to play, if you plug in the rear, it is difficult to play I estimate: 90% of the players in this hole can only take three on strategy.

"This course has a few holes is very difficult, the 15th hole is a hole I think just like in the hole to save par, birdie, bogey acceptable."

Yongdong revealed her strategy is the kick-off of a small wood, followed with a three-wood greens. She said that this set has been merciful. If you put the the blue ladder (taylormade r11 irons481 yards), or gold ladder (501 yards), basically only a bogey.

"I was on the 3rd wood plus 3 wood." The Yunnan player Guo Cai bambtaylormade burner 2.0 ironsoo (microblogging), said, "In fact, this hole into the back of a tee nothing becaustaylormade rbz ironse you or the 3rd wood plus 3 wood. Might this hole you want to set up a tee we go to play. "

This design, many players say rare. Even the well-informed Yang Hongmei (microblogtaylormade tour preferred mb ironsging) also think so. "I can not think of something seen this hole." Said Yang Hongmei.

Yang Hongmei think this hole Fortunately for her: "Whether there is no water hazards, I have on, so it does not matter."

Yongdong often concentrate fully in Shanghai Tomson, she said Tomson-hole design is somewhat similar, but other places she had not seen. "The hole, Zhang (microblogging) play a few times, and also hit the ball into the water." High Yongdong.
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