Smoothly Import/Edit Sony FS700 60p AVCHD in FCP 6/7/X?

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Smoothly Import/Edit Sony FS700 60p AVCHD in FCP 6/7/X?

Postby lydia622520 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:29 am

Summary: Having issues when importing and editing Sony NEX-FS700 50P/60P AVCHD footage in Final Cut Pro 6/7/X? Get the best Mac MTS to ProRes Converter to achieve your goal smoothly.


The Sony NEX-FS700 is the clear successor to the Sony NEX-FS100 and it has lot of things going for it. It can record slow-motion Full HD video at 120 or 240fps, or it can record up to 960fps at lower resolutions. The E-Mount Lens system makes it works with Sony’s lot of NEX lenses, or you can expand its compatibility with the purchase of a lens adapter. And the camcorder is also “4K-ready”, which means Sony will announce a firmware upgrade at some point in the future that will enable the FS700 to output 4K video via its 3G HD-SDI terminal. Using the FS700, you can record Full HD .mts clips at 1080/60p or 50p mode. While enjoying the stunning HD image quality, many folks are having problems when importing FS700 60p/50p AVCHD footage to Final Cut Pro 6/7 (even with the lastest FCP X). If you’re in such a situation, you can read on the article to learn more, which mainly shows you how to get Sony NEX-FS700 1080 50P/60P footage and FCP 6/7/X to work beautifully.

The reason that you can't successfully ingest those recorded AVCHD footages on 1080 60P/50P format to Final Cut Pro is limited by the FCP itself. Currently 1080/60p or 1080/50p footage is a very non-standard format and it’s unsupported in FCP 6/7 even the lastest FCP X. In order to import NEX-FS700 60p AVCHD footage into FCP for smoothly editing, you can use 3rd-party software to re-wrap and convert 60p/50p MTS to Apple ProRes encoded mov format first, which is a native format for Final Cut Pro 6/7/X. It’s a great way to achieve your goal smoothly. For this purose, this article will show you how to transcode Sony NEX-FS700 AVCHD Footage to ProRes MOV in detail.

Converting Sony NEX-FS700 60p/50p AVCHD to Apple ProRes MOV for Final Cut Pro 6/7/X

The quick workaround is to use the easy-to-use yet professional app called Brorosft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac which can be used as a Sony AVCHD MTS Converter under OS X Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8). It is free, clean and safe to install and use. With it, you can effortlessly transcode MTS to ProRes MOV for Final Cut Pro 6/7/X, and it works well and converts flawlessly. Below is how.

Step 1: Load Sony NEX-FS700 1080p MTS to Mac MTS to ProRes Converter.

Use a card reader to copy and transfer the .mts files to iMac hard drive disk, run Mac Sony MTS Converter as the fast Mac MTS to ProRes Converter, and click the “Add” button to load the .mts videos. You can also use the drag-and-drop method to load the 1080p .mts files to the application UI.

Step 2. Choose outout format

Press “Format” option and navigate the mouse cursor to choose “Format > Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” as the best codec for FCP 6/7 and FCP X on Mac. The Mac Sony MTS converter will transcode Sony NEX-FS700 MTS to FCP 6/7 or FCP X compatible MOV with ProRes as video codec in HD 1920×1080.


Step 3. You can click “settings” button in the main interface to customize the output video’s parameters, such as resolution, frame rate, etc.


Step 4. You can edit the MTS video before you convert Sony FS700 MTS to ProRes MOV.

By clicking “Edit” button, you can trim, crop the video, or add watermark and adjust effect to the videos which you will convert.


Trim – Choose to reserve the part you need. Just choose the chapter which you need to trim, to set “start time” or “end time”, type the portion which you want to save.

Crop – Remove black edges of your video or just get the scale of this video you want.

Effect – Adjust the effects by adjusting the parameters, such as:

1) Deinterlacing – If there are some stripes on the picture, you can check this option to make a better picture effect. (Checked by default)

2) If you want to get 3D effect, just enable this fuction and do settings:

Step 5. Start the conversion

Click the “Convert” icon under the preview window, and the Mac MTS to ProRes Converter will start transcode FS700 1080p 50p/60p MTS to Prores MOV for FCP(X) on Mac.

After the conversion, click the “Open” button to locate converted files, then load ProRes .MOV files in FCP (X). Now you can successfully and easily import Sony NEX-FS700 1080 60p/50p MTS footage to FCP 6/7 or FCP X for editing with best quality.

Additional Tips:

1. If you are also a FCP X user, before you try to do the conversion, don’t forget to make sure that you have installed the Apple ProRes Codec manually since the FCP X asks users to install it by themselves.

2. If you want to edit AVCHD MTS in iMovie, you just need to choose the "iMovie and Final Cut Express -> Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov)" in the second step.

3. If you want to batch conversion, the professional iMedia Converter for Mac is the best choice for you.

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Source: Transcoding Sony NEX-FS700 50p/60p AVCHD to FCP 6/7/X
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